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Welcome to Our site is simple and will give you an unbiased review of the current popular language products available on the market. We have reviewed Michel Thomas courses, Tell Me More, Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone and a host of other packages to enable you to make an informed choice on how to learn your chosen language. Our reviewers have used the products featured on this site in their entirety and are able to give good insight as to their worth. You can bookmark this site by pressing <CTRL + D> or Click Here.

Learning languages has never been easier today with the vast improvement over school methods of "listening and repeating" To learn a language you must understand its structure and its verb system. Once you can do this then adding vocabulary to your knowledge, becomes simple. You cannot learn a language by memorizing it!

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Check out our reviews of the highly popular and effective Michel Thomas range. See our language reviews for the rest of the range. Here are some videos for you to find out a bit more.

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I strongly recommend Michel Thomas courses first, if you are completely new to the language.

Michel Thomas   No memorizing, no text books, no drills, no homework!
Michel Thomas was a inveterate linguist and psychologist who had a special talent to master foreign languages within very short periods of time. He did this by dissecting the language and then putting the pieces back again, whilst at the same time noticing similarities and quick ways to understand complex verb systems and structures. Michel Thomas was in the French Resistance for some time and suffered capture and torture at the hands of the Germans. He was later instrumental in identifying and tracking down Nazi war criminals, for which he was given the Silver Star award.

After the war Michel Thomas set up his world famous Language Schools in America where celebrities would pay thousands to learn a language from him. His client list is impressive and includes top business directors, actors and royalty. The reason Michel could charge so much was because he could deliver! He condenses many years of study into just a few short hours using his unique ability to shortcut and demystify the language with, sometimes, breathtaking simplicity. As he guides you along you are not aware of the quantity and complexity of what you are learning until at the end when you run through the Review lessons. Even the Foundation course of 8 hours will have you highly conversant in the language and able to communicate more fluently with native speakers. Michel is not big on 'Baby' words like "The dog is black" or "The car is blue" or any of the usual childish routines drilled into you by many language teachers. Michel focuses on more complex language like "If I had known you wanted to come and if you had told me you were going to be there I would have waited for you and we would have had dinner". Michel will have you forming complex sentences and switching tenses like a native. Tenses like the subjunctive are taught in less than five minutes by simple manipulation of what you have been learning.

The Michel Thomas method uses two students who are new to the language and you are essentially the third student the group, suffering their mistakes and celebrating their successes. Michel Thomas is only featured on the French, German, Italian and Spanish courses. After he died in 2005 his colleagues applied the method to a whole range of other languages with high degrees of success. There is now a very large range encompassing all the European, Asian and East European languages. We have reviewed these under the relevant language page on this site.

Michel Thomas is your first stop when you are new to the language.


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